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Tibion Bionic Technologies

ProClinica shot promotional videos highlighting the Bionic Leg. The footage aired on CBS Sunday Morning News.

  • Helped raise $10M in venture capital funding.
  • Shot corporate and patient oriented video campaigns.
  • Placed videos on CBS Sunday Morning News & PBS
  • Developed separate corporate and patient oriented websites.
  • Rebranded and developed print materials

ProClinica produced video highlighting the benefits of Bionic Leg therapy.

Documentary explainging the first person account of Bionic Leg therapy.

Promotion started with a new web site, based around a ProClinica-directed video of the company's first customer, and that customer's first patient. Through a Constant Contact emailing to a panel of permissioned prospects gathered at a series of medical meetings, ProClinica helped Tibion generate a panel of prospects on which its small sales force and clinical support team could focus.

As soon as the company had a few more customers, ProClinica produced a series of patient-clinician videos, and a new web site that hosted and featured them. To better present those videos in a patient-friendly format, ProClinica developed, a web site that provides the families of stroke patients with the information they need to make informed choices of post-stroke rehab for family members and friends.

  • Developed a series of interview videos with the management of Bionic Leg customers - developed to answer questions posed by prospective investors in a new financing round that eventually netted the company $10 million in new funding.
  • Landed a series of public relations scores - an October 2011 segment on CBS Sunday Morning that added thousands of hits to the more than 10,000 video viewings on the Tibion and OnStroke web sites, and a November 2011 PBS segment, both based on ProClinica-produced videos. a Cape Cod Times article that generated 61 patient calls the first day for a Tibion customer located there.
  • Produced a series of brochures, PowerPoint presentations and sales training programs designed to help Tibion reps communicate the unprecedented benefits of the Bionic Leg to prospects.
  • Coauthored with CEO Remsberg a popular white paper explaining the impact of 2013 "bundling" changes in reimbursement for Medicare Part A post-acute rehab - and how facilities with the Bionic Leg could maximize their income under the reimbursement changes.
  • Produced a full-page ad in the American Heart Association publication Stroke Smart, promoting all Tibion customers to that publications 100,000 stroke-affected subscribers quarterly.


ProClinica promo - Biodex for MS patients

ProClinica promo - Biodex for orthopedic patients

In 2007, facing the first evidence of purchasing uncertainty in the recession, Biodex hired ProClinica again to prototype its web site, and a new series of case histories demonstrating how its customers use the Biodex Balance System, Gait Trainer, Unweighing System and BioStep to attract profitable Medicare and managed care patients. ProClinica developed a white paper on how Biodex customers can profit under the Affordable Care Act.

Today, ProClinica is helping Biodex enhance sales of its systems to skilled nursing facilities and outpatient clinics seeking to attract patients needing rehab following joint replacement or falls due to neurologic conditions like Parkinson's disease.

Biodex first hired ProClinica in 1987 when it entered the physical medicine marketplace with its multi-joint rehabilitation system. After interviewing its first few customers, ProClinica developed the Biodex "Clinical Advantage" program documenting how those clinics and hospitals used that initial product to achieve recoveries never achieved as quickly and cost-effectively with other therapeutic techniques.

Then, in the early 1990s, when Biodex introduced its first Balance System, it again hired ProClinica to support its launch. To this day ProClinica remains a key component to the Biodex marketing strategy.


Hocoma develops and markets some of the world's most sophisticated rehabilitation equipment. Its robotic Lokomat is the world's premiere gait recovery system for spinal cord and traumatic injured patients, and a pediatric version is tranforming the lives of many children with cerebral palsy. Its Armeo system for stroke patients has a proven record of helping patients recover a high degree of shoulder and arm function.

For three critical years, ProClinica generated a series of Lokomat Clinical Reports and an Armeo Clinical Report, explaining how leading U.S. and European clinics use Hocoma's innovative systems to attract referrals and improve the lives of their patients. In addition, ProClinica developed new convention-exhibit backwalls and support programs, and a financial rationale document showing prospects how Hocoma customers attract profitable patients using their equipment.